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Who is Thomas Edward Caldwell(Thomas Edward Caldwell was arrested on charges including conspiracy)Wiki, Bio, Age,Arrested,Incident Details,And More Facts

Thomas Edward Caldwell Bio-Thomas Edward Caldwell Wiki

Thomas Edward Caldwell was arrested on charges including conspiracy, making him one of the first alleged rioters to face that crime and his possible sentence of at least 20 years behind bars.
Before and during the January 6 riot, Caldwell of Virginia reportedly mobilized between eight and ten members of the Oath Keepers, a loosely organized far-right anti-government group that recruits primarily from the military, law enforcement and first responders. according to court filings.
A reputed “commander” within the far-right collective Oath Keepers was arrested Tuesday for his alleged role in the deadly US Capitol riot, including an online boast that he was “an instigator,” according to The authorities.

Thomas Edward Caldwell Age

Thomas Edward Caldwell is 65 years old.

Detained – Charge

By examining the online posts of two other alleged oathkeepers and riot participants, Jessica Watkins and Donovan Crowl, investigators came to notice Caldwell, also known within the group as “Commander Tom,” the newspapers say.
A January 1 Facebook message sent from Caldwell’s account instructed members to arrange hotel accommodations: “Arriving [January 5], leaving [January 7] will work,” in Arlington, Virginia, to a short distance from Washington, DC, according to authorities.
That same day, Crowl responded to Caldwell for guidance, according to the documents.
â € œHappy New Year, to you, sir! I guess I’ll see you soon, ”Crowl reportedly wrote. â € œI will probably call you tomorrowâ € ¦mainly becauseâ € ¦I like to know what [the] plan is like.
â € œYou are the man commander.
On January 6, hordes of supporters of President Trump stormed the Capitol in a bloody and unsuccessful attempt to prevent Congress from certifying Joe Biden’s victory in the election, a chaotic scene that left five dead, including a police officer beaten to death. death. with a fire extinguisher.
Later that night, Caldwell posted a Facebook video apparently taken within the riots, followed by a message describing his involvement, authorities allege.
â € œWe are storming the castle, â € he wrote in part. â € œI am an instigator!
Caldwell followed up that message with another that described the role of the Proud Boys, another violent far-right group.
“The proud boys would fight with the policemen and take them inside to hide,” he wrote. â € œYou broke the doors. One guy came to the floor of the House [of Representatives], another to the office of [Speaker of the House Nancy] Pelosi. A good time.
In a third message, Caldwell called for similar operations at the state level, according to court documents.
“We need to do this locally,” he wrote. â € œWe are [sic] going to storm the capitol in Ohio. Tell me when! Armed protesters gathered outside state capitols in Columbus, Ohio and other state capitals over the weekend, but no significant violence was reported.
It was not immediately clear whether Caldwell had hired legal representation prior to a court appearance.