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Who is Vasil Tsekh (Monster ‘beats his lover and kills her two kids’sauna attack after she called him their ‘new stepdad’) Wiki, Bio, Age, Death, Crime, Investigation, Arrest, Details, Family and Many More Facts

Vasil Tsekh Bio- Vasil Tsekh Wiki

Vasil Tsekh, has been charged with double murder over the horrific attack, in which he reportedly killed Martina, nine, and her brother Demid, two, with his fists and a broken chair in a sauna.

Police in Ukraine said he also hit the helpless children against a wall in the restaurant and sauna complex ‘Oksana’ in Tyachiv town, in western Ukraine.

Lyudmila Strelchuck, who met Tsekh on a dating website, is in hospital with severe injuries after also reportedly being attacked by Tsekh.

Vasil Tsekh Age

Tsekh 35-year-old had not yet been informed that her children were dead.

The brutal attack reportedly happened when Strelchuk brought the children to introduce them to Tsekh, the man she wanted to marry, and his family.

But the sauna manager had to call for police after hearing a commotion, opening the door and seeing broken chairs and blood on the floor.

Strelchuk’s children died at the scene.

Tsekh fled, but was detained later by police.

Initial reports in Ukraine said that the mother had died in the attack but these were corrected by police.

After regaining consciousness Strelchuk told doctors that she must recover to “care for the children”.

Martina was born when her mother lived and worked in Italy, but she split with her daughter’s father. Her son was born in Ukraine from another failed relationship after she returned to her homeland.

Her son’s father is now with her at the hospital to comfort her. The children have been buried in her home city, Kamianets-Podilskyi.

Strelchuk’s relatives said that Tsekh had appeared “normal” when they had met him. He did not drink much, they said.

His parents have expressed “shock” over the death of the children