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Who is Valerie Bacot ( Woman 40, who killed her stepfather ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Death, Crime, Court, Incident details, Investigations and More Facts

Valerie Bacot Bio-Valerie Bacot Wiki

Valerie Bacot , was prostituted by the violent Daniel Polette, whom she married in France.

“I had to put an end to this,” Valerie Bacot wrote in a book published last month titled “Everyone Knew”, adding, “I was scared the whole time.”

She says she was “just a girl” when she met her stepfather and was a victim of domestic violence.

Valerie Bacot Age

Valerie Bacot is 40-years-old.

Bacot was 12 when her mother’s partner, Daniel Polette, raped her for the first time. He attacked her every night when she came home from school.

“In the village of La Clayette in Saône-et-Loire, everyone suspected it. But nobody said anything,” says the petition.

He was jailed for four years in 1995, but returned after his release and resumed serial rape. Polette “told my mother that she wouldn’t do it again. But she did,” Valerie Bacot said in court.


The trial, which opened today before the court of the jury of Chalon-sur-Saône in Burgundy, will last until Friday. When she was 17, she Valerie Bacot became pregnant and was kicked out of the house by her alcoholic mother Joëlle.

The teenager went to live with Polette. They got married in 2008. She said in court: “I wanted to be with my son. I had no one. Where can I go?”

Polette, also a heavy drinker, became increasingly violent and once attacked her with a hammer. She said, “First she slapped me, then they kicked her, then they beat her and then they strangled her.”

Bacot described her life with Polette as “an extreme hell”. Polette ordered her to work as a prostitute for truckers, in the back seat of a Peugeot minivan.

She gave him instructions via a phone she put on him to make sure she was complying with customer requests, which she asked for between 20 and 50 euros.


Investigators found that Polette threatened to kill her if she refused and she repeated a weapon.

When Polette started asking her 14-year-old daughter Karline about her thriving sexuality, Bacot said she had decided that “this has to stop.”

In March 2016, Polette ordered his wife to undergo further sexual humiliation from a client. But she used a gun she kept in the car to kill him with a single bullet in the neck while she was in the driver’s seat.

Bacot said in court that he wanted to make sure her daughter did not suffer the same fate as him. “I wanted to save her,” added her mother.

The circumstances of the shooting exclude any hypothesis of self-defense. Bacot hid her husband’s body in a forest with the help of two of their four children.


She was arrested in October 2017 and she confessed to killing him, albeit in self-defense because she forced her into prostitution.

She was released on bail a year later. Bacot was “sure she had to commit this act to protect her children,” a court assessment revealed.

When she arrived in court on Monday, she made no comment, a slim figure in a ponytail and black jacket who looked intimidated by the crowd of reporters.

Her attorneys said before the trial that “the extreme violence she suffered for 25 years and the fear that her daughter would be her next” led her to kill Polette.

The same lawyers, Janine Boniacca and Nathalie Tomasini, previously defended Jacqueline Sauvage.

She is a French woman sentenced to 10 years in prison for the murder of her abusive husband, but she received presidential pardon in 2016 after becoming a symbol of the fight against violence against women.

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