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Who was Stephen Chapman ( Female celeb was target of a kidnap plot ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Crime, Arrest, Court, Incident, Investigations and More Facts

Stephen Chapman Bio- Stephen Chapman Wiki

Police discovered the threat to the unnamed star’s safety after raiding monster teen.

He was found guilty this month of killing dad-of-five Stephen Chapman, 38 — plunging a knife six inches into his head before trying to dissolve the body in acid.

The druggie bodybuilder’s sinister scheme for the celeb — not named during the murder trial of Knights, 19 — was mapped out in notes found by police, who alerted her.

Stephen Chapman Age

Stephen Chapman was 38-years-old.

A source said: “He’s an absolute madman. Who knows what else he would have done if he hadn’t been caught?”

It was told Knights plunged his dad’s Royal Marine Commando dagger into Mr Chapman, dumped his body into a wheelie bin and poured in acid.

Knights admitted he got the idea from hit US TV drama Breaking Bad, which featured Jesse Pinkman, played by Aaron Paul, and Walter White,

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