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Who was Ruby Leaity ( Daughter 23, who found dead family heartbroken ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Incident, Investigation, Family, Details and More Facts

Ruby Leaity Bio- Ruby Leaity Wiki

Ruby Leaity, made the last minute decision to stay at home when her family travelled to the countryside for a short break last year.

She had recently met someone and her mum believed Ruby wanted to stay behind to be with her.

But despite speaking to her daughter the day before she returned, Mary Leaity said when they got back to the family home on Hanley Road, Southampton, Ruby was dead.

Ruby Leaity Age

Ruby Leaity was 23-years-old.

The coroner was told that the “beautiful” young girl had struggled in lockdown and had been sacked from the job she loved just weeks before.

Police constable Hannah Kemish said she found a note in Ruby’s bedroom which read: “This was no-one’s fault but my own, please wear red.”

Mrs Leaity told the coroner: “On June 18 2020, me and my husband went on holiday. “The original plan was for Ruby to go with us but she decided at the last minute that she did not want to.

“We had never left her on her own before. It was only for five days but she got more anxious when we went away.”

Mental health

“We spoke to her every day while we were away, I last spoke to her at 5.30pm the night before I found her, she was asking when we were getting home and she sounded okay. In retrospect, I should have read more into what she said but I did not.”

Mrs Leaity told Hampshire coroner Jason Pegg how Ruby had struggled with depression and anxiety for the past 10 years and had attempted to take her life several times before her death on July 23, 2020.

“She had been sacked from her job, she was let go because she had missed two meetings because she had mental health appointments. She loved the job she was doing,” she said.

“She struggled badly with the lockdown and the loss of a family dog which was put down on July 7. She had loved the dog, it had very much been a companion for her throughout her hardest times.

“She had also just met someone and I think she wanted to meet that person while we were away.

“We think what precipitated her low mood on the morning of her death was in a message the woman appeared to not want to talk to Ruby and we think she became overwhelmed with sadness and grief.”

Sitting at Portsmouth Coroner’s Court, Mr Pegg concluded a verdict of suicide.

He said: “Ruby was only 23 at the time of her death. She was an exceptional young lady – funny, clever, beautiful and someone who thought of others.

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