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Pitasoni Tali Ulavalu

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A feared biker boss Pitasoni Tali Ulavalu was stabbed to death in a violent street fight just days after leading the court for a pub fight with a rival gang.

Pitasoni Tali Ulavalu Age

He was 48 years old.

Pitasoni Tali Ulavalu president of the Comancheros de Canberra branch

Pitasoni Tali Ulavalu, president of the Comancheros de Canberra branch, died of a neck injury at a bar in Canberra at around 12:05 p.m. on Sunday reported by Wikifoxnews.com

The 48-year-old was in the Kokomo nightclub at CBD when he was stabbed in confusion before he staggered and passed out on the sidewalk.

Witnesses reported shouting and seeing punches thrown into chaos as the fighting spread on the road.

The photos showed what appeared to be a body inside the crime scene covered in white cloth, with only the shoes visible.

Blood and bloody clothes were also left across the street, The Canberra Times reported.

A witness said he saw a body lying unanswered for some time.

At least 35 police officers converged on the Canberra nightclub, but Ulavalu was already dead when they arrived.

ACT police said that “more than one person” was involved in the fighting and that his death was being treated as a suspect.

No Arrest made

No one was arrested.

Detective Acting Superintendent Matthew Reynolds said a second man was injured in the fight and rushed to the hospital.

The second man has life-threatening injuries and we will talk to him when we can, ”he said.

The fight was captured on the nightclub’s television circuit and police asked anyone who had other footage of the fight to be featured.

“There is a closed circuit television about the incident and several people have been implicated in the unrest at the licensed facilities,” he said.

Ulavalu faced court on Tuesday against assault and battery charges for fighting with the rival nomadic gang in January last year.

Police said he and three other Comancheros entered the Southern Cross Club in Woden and faced four nomads.

The court heard one of the nomads being hit in the face and breaking his nose which was bleeding profusely in front of the spectators.

A woman who dined at the pub with her family told the court she feared they might be “collateral damage” from the fight.

Always Comanchero, Comanchero Always

Ulavalu has ACCA – a gang motto which means “ Always Comanchero, Comanchero Always ” – shaved his head and took over the chapter in 2018.

He was the winner of a power struggle with Peter Zdravkovic, who was later shot dead by comanchero Axel Sidaros, who was arrested for attempted murder.

Bars and clubs in the territory have only recently been allowed to accommodate up to 100 people, restrictions on social distance have been relaxed.

Police are expected to comment further on Sunday morning’s incident.

The deadly brawl follows a 44-year-old man killed in a brawl outside the Kingston Hotel in south-central Canberra on July 5.