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Who is Oscar Pistorius ( South African Paralympic sprinter accused in the Murder of his Girlfriend ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Incident details, Arrest, Investigations and More Facts

Oscar Pistorius Biography – Oscar Pistorius Wiki

Oscar Pistorius, the South African Paralympic sprinter has been in jail since 2013 for the murder of his girlfriend.

Oscar Pistorius Girlfriend Name

Her Name Was Reeva Steenkamp

Oscar Pistorius Girlfriend Age

She Was 29-years-old

Oscar Pistorius – the South African Paralympics champion

The South African Paralympics champion currently in jail for the murder of his girlfriend – is the youngest athlete whose rise and fall through the 30-30 is documented by ESPN.

In a new documentary that will be released in four parts, Pistorius’ journey from hero sprinter to convicted criminal is documented by director Daniel Gordon and producer John Battsek.

The first trailer for The Life and Trials of Oscar Pistorius, which includes interviews with more than a dozen people from Pistorius’ life, was released on Monday.

“The story of Oscar Pistorius is notable for its complexity. It is both inspiring and heartbreaking, offering insights into a range of topics – from gender-based violence to the rights of people with disabilities to inequality. Racial and media hype,” said Gordon in a press release, “I hope the film gives the audience additional context and layers for a story they think they know.”

Pistorius – the first double amputee to compete in the Olympics – was arrested shortly after Valentine’s Day 2013 after shooting his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp, ​​a 29-year-old model who earned a law degree in 2005 with four bullets. through the locked bathroom door of his house.

He later claimed that he believed an intruder had broken into his home and was so scared that he went to the bathroom without his prosthesis after grabbing his gun and fired four shots at the door.

The former athlete has been in jail since 2013 and lost his appeal in 2018 to have his 15-year sentence reduced by the South African Supreme Court.

The first part of the four-part documentary will be released on September 27th on ESPN +. Each additional part will be broadcast live for the next three nights. The entire film will also be available upon request on September 27th on ESPN +.

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