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Who is Melissa Laurie ( British woman out of coma crocodile attack ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Incident details, Family, Twitter, Investigations and More Facts

Melissa Laurie Bio- Melissa Laurie Wiki

Melissa Laurie, had been medically induced after she had been saved from the predator’s attack thanks to her twin Georgia.

“She’s doing really much better. She’s doing really good,” Georgia told Radio 1 Newsbeat in a WhatsApp voice note.

She added that the tubes inserted to help her twin breathe were taken out this morning.

Melissa Laurie Age

Melissa Laurie is 23-years-old.

“She’s been breathing on her own very well. “She can’t talk because of the soreness of the tube but she can hear.” Georgia had earlier been discharged from hopsital, having being treated for her hand injuries.

Their older sister, Hana Laurie, 33, had previously told BBC Breakfast that Melissa’s stomach and legs had become infected. Melissa also had “a lot of water and grass and things in her lungs,” Hana said.

Zookeeper Melissa was initially believed to have been swimming at night in Manialtepec Lagoon, ten miles from surfing resort Puerto Escondido, when she was dragged underwater by the crocodile and thrown “around like a rag doll”.

Incident details

Georgia fought off the beast with a flurry of punches and swam back to the tour boat on Sunday night while their friends called for help.

The man who helped save them, Gerardo Escamilla Perez, claimed that they had in-fact been swimming by a mangrove in the river and not nd NOT in the nearby Manialtepec lagoon, which is a haven for swimming tourists.

Hana had previolsuy added that the tour guide, who was already suspected locally of organising illegal tours, had vanished since the incident.

“Doctors are very concerned that she’ll contract an infection (as they are too about Georgia’s wounds) and have put them both on intravenous antibiotics.

“Melissa has been placed into a medically induced coma, and remains in that condition while doctors attempt to drain fluid and enable her to breathe on her own.”

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