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Who is Megan Bhari ( Charity founder Girl Believe in Magic to help others) Wiki, Bio, Age, Incident details, Investigations and More Facts

Megan Bhari Biography , Megan Bhari Wiki

Megan Bhari ,a teen simulated a brain tumor to tear off some of the world’s greatest pop stars with hundreds of thousands of pounds and fund dream trips to Disney.

Megan Bhari founded the Believe in Magic charity to help “other”

A later examination found that she had died of heart failure related to fatty liver disease. However, no tumor was mentioned in her medical records, reports The Times.

His charity, backed by One Direction, Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran, was disbanded last week after an investigation found nearly £ 400,000 missing from their books.

Other stars

Other stars like Jessie J., Pharrell Williams, Taylor Swift, Little Mix and Olly Murs have also supported their fundraising drives over the years.

Bhari traveled on a private jet and luxury liners and reportedly stayed at Disney resorts while she was “on treatment” in the US.
One Direction and its loyal fans amassed a fortune to help her when she resorted to “lifesaving” resources.

At the time, doctors were concerned about his frequent hospital visits – which didn’t seem to reveal anything serious.

In January 2015

In January 2015, One Direction helped the then-teen raise £ 120,000 for radon therapy after claiming he had developed a second tumor.

Band member Louis Tomlinson reportedly made a large personal donation to the fund. In the same year David Cameron presented him with a special award for his work as an “Outstanding Volunteer”.

However, parents of other children with cancer became concerned about the teenagers’ reports of their illness and began investigating.

Wigan woman Joanne Ashcroft noted that the appeals for donations for her treatment did not provide details.

She told The Times, “I’ve spoken to other cancer parents near me who felt the same way.

“Our own children had gone through the most terrible illness and treatment imaginable. The words just had something that wasn’t right.”

They hired a private investigator who discovered that Bhari had stayed at Walt Disney World, Florida.

The Charity Commission then opened an investigation into Believe in Magic before freezing their accounts after “multiple complaints”.

He announced that huge withdrawals of £ 133,000 had been made in the year to November 2015 and £ 156,000 were withdrawn the following year.

She died in 2018 at the age of 23, but no tumor was mentioned in her medical records
The commission found that the charity’s trustees had not submitted their accounts together, which meant ‘wrongdoing and / or mismanagement’.

Police investigated the complaints but said there was not enough evidence to move the case forward.

The charity closed last week and any remaining funds were transferred to the Children’s Wishes Round Table.

Bhari’s mother, Jean O’Brien

Bhari’s mother, Jean O’Brien, 66, one of the charity’s trustees, also agreed not to be a trustee or a managerial position with a charity for five years.