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Who was Matthew Mindler ( Actor Matthew Mindler, 19, committed suicide with sodium nitrate bought on Amazon ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Death, Actor, Suicide, Incident details, Investigations and more facts

Matthew Mindler Bio – Matthew Mindler Wiki

Actor. Matthew Mindler was born on November 23, 2001 in the United States. He was an actor known for Our Idiot.

According to his devastated mother, Matthew Mindler committed suicide by consuming sodium nitrate, which he bought from Amazon in his early days of college.

On Thursday, a toxicology study by the Lancaster County Medical Examination revealed that 19-year-old Mindler’s death was a result of suicide from sodium nitrate poisoning.

Matthew Mindler Age

Matthew Mindler was 19-years-old.

Death cause

According to TMZ, in August he bought the substance for $ 15 on Amazon and died of extremely low blood pressure and lack of oxygen in his body.

Deaths associated with sodium nitrate are often accidental, as the compound is often used for canning meat, but Mindler’s mother said the overdose was deliberate, judging from the marks she left.

Mindler’s grieving mother, Monica Mindler, told TMZ that a recent history of searching for her son on the Internet showed that she was looking for ways to end her life without pain.

Although he noted that he knew his son was suffering from “paralyzing anxiety,” he had no idea that suicide was something he was investigating.

Mindler, from Hellertown, Pennsylvania, was found dead in Manor Township, near the University of Millersville, where he attended, on August 28, after he had been reported missing four days earlier.

Last seen on campus

According to Millersville University police, Mindler, a freshman, was last seen on campus Tuesday night after attending classes on Monday and Tuesday.

As seen in the security video screenshot, the student was wearing a white University of Millersville hoodie with black stripes on the arm, a black face mask, jeans, and dark sneakers. He was wearing a black backpack.

It was reported that he disappeared the following Wednesday night after not returning to his bedroom and missing classes. On Thursday, campus police filed a missing persons report with the National Criminal Information Center.

His mother told TMZ that he was in constant contact with him during his early years in college, but she lost touch with him on Tuesday night.

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