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Who is Mathew Owens ( Police battered down a door and arrested a man ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Court, Arrest details, Incident, Investigations and More Facts

Mathew Owens Bio- Mathew Owens Wiki

Mathew Owens, from Liverpool, flew back from the Middle East, where he works as a football coach, on April 9.

On his return journey to the UK he made two transfers, to Abu Dhabi – which is on the government’s travel ‘red list’ – and Frankfurt, before jetting back to Manchester.

Mr Owens says the Bahrain consulate told him he would be “fine” to travel through Abu Dhabi if he didn’t leave the airport.

Mathew Owens Age

Mathew Owens is 30-years-old.

But at Frankfurt International Airport, Mr Owens says he was told he faced a £1,750 hotel-quarantine bill in Birmingham, 100 miles from his home.

After touching down in Manchester, police said they would escort him to a coach that would take him to Birmingham, he said.

But Mr Owens said he refused to supply his details to G4S and said he would leave as soon as possible. The footie coach, who works for one of Bahrain’s Premier League sides, was warned he faced a £10,000 fine.

Arrest details

After phoning his parents, they drove from Liverpool and took him home, Mr Owens said. Footage posted online on April 12 shows cops smashing down his front door in Bootle on Monday afternoon.

Officers are heard asking where “Martin” is as they arrive to arrest Mr Owens before a woman says he is “isolating”.

The woman tells the officers “You’re here to protect us” and asks “Are you standing under your oath?” and asks “where’s your warrant”.

A female officer is heard telling him: “Martin, you’re under arrest for a breach of Covid regulations, you’ve failed to quarantine in a designated hotel when instructed to do so.

“You do not have to say anything but it may harm your defence if you fail to mention something which you later rely on in court. Anything you do say may be given in evidence. Do you understand?”

Border Force

A man can be heard replying “No I don’t understand” before Mr Owens is led away. Mr Owens, who is now in quarantine at the Crowne Plaza in Birmingham city centre, said he is “amazed at what has happened”.

He said: “It makes no sense at all. If they were going to fine me, then so be it but what sense does it make to take me out of the controlled

“I was two days in and asked them what sense did it make to take me out of this environment at this stage. “They just said they were there on behalf of Border Force and I needed to go to a hotel.

Mr Owens added: “The officer told me because Abu Dhabi was on the red list, I’d have to be booked into a quarantine hotel for 10 days and the closest one was Birmingham.

“I told him that wasn’t the advice I’d received. I was then taken to a desk where I signed paperwork stating where I’d travelled from and that I could be subject to a £10,000 fine.

“I signed everything until I was given a form where I had to agree to one of the control quarantined hotels and pay £1,750 and allow G4S to escort me away

Mr Owens said he was detained for five hours in the airport before being driven to the Crowne Plaza hotel, in Birmingham.

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