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Who was Lyle “Horace” Hutley ( River Kwai has died aged 104 ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Cause of Death, Incident, Family and More Facts

Lyle “Horace” Hutley Bio- Lyle “Horace” Hutley Wiki

Lyle “Horace” Hutley was captured in the fall of Singapore in 1942.

Japanese troops took him to Changi prison then made him work on the Burma rail bridge.

Lyle later told his niece how he had spent “three terrible years in the jungle, suffering torture and burying numerous pals”.

Lyle “Horace” Hutley Age

Lyle “Horace” Hutley was 1o4-years-old.

Lyle, a gunner in the Royal Artillery Service Corps, weighed six stone when freed in 1945. He retired to Mildenhall, Suffolk, and died at home.

Great-great nephew Sam Dixon, 27, added: “He was a true war hero. “You never saw him unhappy, despite everything he saw in his life.”

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