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Who was Katie Perinovic (Mother & her three children found dead in their home)Wiki, Bio, Age, Family, Crime, Investigations, Incident, details and Many More Facts

Katie Perinovic Bio- Katie Perinovic Wiki

A mother and three children found dead in their home in Tullamarine, Victoria have been identified.

The bodies of Katie Perinovic and her children Matthew (three), Anna (five) and Claire (seven) were discovered after the children’s father, Katie’s husband Tomislav (48), called triple zero in direction. 12:30 pm on Tuesday.

When paramedics arrived, he was standing on the lawn of his home on Burgess Street.

Police say he is helping them with their investigation, but the investigation is still in an early stage.

The family was reportedly living together at home with no history of domestic violence.

The homicide squad is investigating all avenues, including the possibility that the deaths were the result of homicide-suicide.

Victoria Police Department Deputy Commissioner Bob Hill said no assumptions should be made about what happened.

“There was a tragic event today in the Melbourne metropolis,” he said.

“The loss of four lives, a mother and three children, is a tragic event.

“When it comes to babies, it’s more heartbreaking.”

Hill said police were not looking for anyone related to the tragedy.

“I have to be very clear here and say that the investigation is at a very early stage at the moment,” he said. “We know that there is a husband, a wife and three children.

“The circumstances of this event have yet to be determined. We cannot afford to make assumptions about what happened.

“There are many scenarios that we really need to investigate. I just want to be clear … we shouldn’t be guilty of having a man help us with our investigation.

Hill added that it would be “extremely unfair” to draw conclusions about her husband.

He did not expect the charges to be filed Thursday.

“We still have a long way to go before we can really understand … what happened,” he added.

Investigators declined to comment on the type of injuries the deceased suffered.

Forensic scientists continued to investigate the scene Thursday night, and police spoke with neighbors and anyone who knew the family.

Katie Perinovic worked at Glenroy Physiotherapy for several years, but she unexpectedly left the clinic three months ago, reports the Herald Sun.

According to her website, she graduated from the University of Melbourne in 1999 and studied physical therapy and Feldenkrais.

Neighbors told they were shocked by the tragedy.

A neighbor described Katie Perinovic as kind and friendly, a person she always greeted.

“Devastated, she’s so close to my house, these people have been spending time at my house,” said another neighbor.

“My children loved their children. How should I tell my children? “”

Deputy Commissioner Mark Galliot said first responders on the ground will be affected by the tragedy for years to come.

“The loss of all lives is tragic. However, the loss of young lives in such circumstances is difficult to understand, “he told reporters.

“It will have lasting effects on the police present, the extended family, the community, the neighborhood, the emergency services and everyone else involved.