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Who is Jordan Lee ( Daddy Who Murdered Baby Girl ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Crime, Arrest, Incident Details, Investigations and more facts

Jordan Lee Bio – Jordan Lee Wiki

Jordan Lee got angry once four-month-old Willow could not stop crying.

The baby was hurried to hospital however died of head trauma according to severe shaking and certain head impact.

Lee, then plain-woven an internet of lies – claiming the yearling might have walked away once he was “a very little too focused” on his computer game. But jurors saw through his deception and guilty the vile father of murder at Preston Crown Court.

Jordan Lee Age

Jordan Lee is twenty one years recent.

Willow’s mother, Jade Bell, has spoken of her grief over having to “let my precious female offspring go”s Jordan Lee.

She added, “Willow was such a good looking, happy baby United Nations agency had the simplest nervy smile, which smile would continuously cheer you up and light-weight up the space.

“We all miss her dearly and there are not enough words to specific it. Losing her at such a young age and also the method we tend to got her has compact my family and myself such a lot and my life can ne’er be constant while not my blue eyed angel.


Primary time somebody met her, they in real time fell in love; she was continuously thus happy and smiling. i will be able to continuously bear in mind the superb times I had with Willow and the way she modified my life.

She represented her last memory of Willow “helpless with tubes and wires connected to her little body” whereas on life support as “something i will be able to ne’er forget”.

Jade added: “It was sorrowful, it’s still sorrowful and it’ll continuously be sorrowful. At now, I ne’er saw however life may revisit to traditional on behalf of me and my family, and after all it ne’er can. .

“I feel all the overwhelming love I actually have for her, and that i feel the heartbreak and horror of losing her each day.”


The court detected that Lee was taking care of Willow together with her brother Daniel whereas Jade was at work on December three.

But he became a lot of and a lot of annoyed with the baby because the day went on and began to “get very mad and yell at him.” Lee then ran upstairs with the baby in his arms, trying “callous and limp”.

He tried to faux his family and Willow paramedics fell off the couch, however associate autopsy discovered his horrific injuries.

The baby suffered severe head trauma according to aggression, forceful shaking, and probable impact to the top. Pathologists over that the number of force needed was substantial and would have caused him “immense pain and suffering.”

They conjointly discovered that she had suffered from a brain hemorrhage and bruising on the left aspect of her face comparable to a footing, pinch or punch.

Detective Inspector Mark Emily Dickinson of the geographical region Police Main Investigation Team said: ‘Willow Lee was a four month recent baby United Nations agency died at the hands of somebody United Nations agency ought to are protective him.

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