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Who was Jonathan Goodwin ( Star Jonathan Goodwin “nearly dies” due to a horrific stunt that went wrong ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Death, Tv Actor, Accident, Incident details, Twitter and more facts

Jonathan Goodwin Bio – Jonathan Goodwin Wiki

Jonathan Goodwin of British Got Talent nearly died in a tragic accident when two cars caught fire.

The star, who has worked as a professional therapist and escapologist, hails from America’s Got Talent: Extreme.

Jonathan Goodwin, suffered “serious injuries” in the tragic accident, according to TMZ.

Jonathan Goodwin Age

Jonathan Goodwin was 41-years-old.

Collision two cars

“Goodwin was stopped at a height of 70 meters with a jacket, resting his feet on the fence,” – said sources in the production.

“Two cars were parked on either side of him, turning back and forth. For Goodwin, it was important to get out of trouble, fall onto an air mattress and avoid collisions with cars.

As a result of the collision of two cars, a quarrel occurred, as a result of which Jonathan “stretched out” in the middle.

The source added: “As a result of the impact, the cars exploded and there was a massive fire. Goodwin fell to the ground and hit his head. ”


After the accident, Jonathan did not respond, leaving the team and staff in shock at the thought that he was dead. After receiving an immediate response, the real star was sent to the hospital by helicopter and quickly underwent surgery.

Sources said the TV actor is currently “on the trauma wing” and his condition is reportedly “unclear.” Jonathan returned to American’s Got Talent after presenting his artistic talent for the 2020 show.

The Sun reported this week that she has sparked rumors of her relationship with Sherlock actress Amanda Abbington.

The 47-year-old actress posted a photo of her and the unemployed, who then added an engagement ring to her Instagram bio.

The couple have been secretly dating for nearly nine months, and Jonathan told a fan that “this love sounds like the best, the safest.

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