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Who is Kent University PhD Student: Jessica Small Biography, Wiki, Age, Career, Suicide News, Family and Investigation Reports.

Who is Kent University PhD Student: Jessica Small Biography, Wiki, Age, Career, Suicide News, Family and Investigation Reports.

Jessica Small Biography – Wiki

Jessica Small is identified as the Kent University PhD student who was mocked for not being ‘posh enough’, upon which she hanged herself after being bullied at university, an inquest has heard.

Jessica Small Age

She was 26 years old.

Jessica Small Career

Miss Small graduated with a first-class undergraduate degree along with a Masters from UCL. Besides, she also received a vice chancellor’s scholarship to fund her PhD studies.

As part of her degree, she taught a number of modules to younger students.

“She was a great teacher”, her supervisor, Chris Deter said.

However, Miss Small began frequently missing deadlines. In April last year, she revealed she was suffering from depression and took a short break to get fresh.

After missing another deadline on her return to university, Dr Deter scheduled to set a new meeting. However, she failed to attend her next scheduled meeting with Dr Deter on October 8.

Jessica Small Suicide News

The 26-year-old PhD student was found hanged at her home in Canterbury on October 11.

An inquest heard how the PhD student was bullied in the university laboratory for her accent and because ‘she’d never been sailing’.

The young student had also been struggling with anxiety for some time.

Police investigated allegations of bullying but after interviewing her colleagues found that while there had been past problems, these were later resolved.

Jessica Small Family

Her mother, Lesley, told how Miss Small had been struggling with her thesis in the university laboratory. She told me people in her lab made her life hell, that it was toxic.

“She really had such low self-esteem. She was questioning whether she should be doing the PhD”.

“Jess had not expressed any suicidal thoughts to me. We were planning to visit her in Canterbur”.

Investigation Reports

Miss Small’s colleagues contacted Miss Small’s family in High Wycomber, registering her as a ‘missing student’.

Her parents rang the police, who approached into Miss Small’s flat and found her lying dead. She was announced dead at the moment.

It is thought her body had been there for several days. Pathologists gave the cause of death as ‘suspension by the neck’.

Concluding the inquest, Ms Sproson claimed, “Although there wasn’t a suicide note, the evidence leads me to conclude that this was a deliberate act”.

“For these reasons, I find that Jessica died as a result of suicide”.