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Who was Jason Kelk ( UK’s longest-suffering Covid patient 49, dies ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Cause of Death, Covid-19, Family, Twitter and More Facts

Jason Kelk Bio- Jason Kelk Wiki

Jason Kelk, opted to withdraw all treatment after deciding he could not ‘live like this any more’ in St James’ Hospital in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

He was first admitted on March 31 last year – just one day after TV presenter Kate Garraway‘s husband Derek Draper.

The primary school IT teacher, from Leeds, remained there ever since, until yesterday morning when he was transported to a nearby hospice, where he spent his final hours surrounded by his family.

Jason Kelk Age

Jason Kelk was 49-years-old.

He leaves behind heartbroken wife Sue, 63, as well as five step-children and eight grandchildren.

Sue said her husband’s battle had become too much and that he had come to the decision to stop treatment. ‘People might not think he has been brave but my God, he has been brave. I really think he has.

‘And I just think that this is the bravest thing that you could ever do – to actually say “I don’t want to live like this anymore”.’

Mr Kelk – who had type II diabetes and asthma – was admitted to hospital on March 31. Just days later, on April 3, he was transferred to intensive care.

Virus ravaged

He remained there ever since, fighting for his life on numerous occasions after the virus ravaged his lungs and destroyed his kidneys.

Mr Kelk went on to develop such severe stomach issues that he was having to be fed intravenously when he died. Mr Kelk was surrounded by his wife as well as his mum, dad and sister when he died this morning.

He leaves behind five stepchildren and eight grandchildren – two born this past year who he has never met – and another on the way.

Mrs Kelk said she will miss his sense of humour and him ‘just being there’ the most, adding: ‘[My daughter] Katie wrote a beautiful poem about him and said we were soulmates and that’s exactly what we were.

‘We finished each other’s sentences half the time. We just knew instinctively what the other one wanted. We just complemented each other.’

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