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Jaqi Clement Twins’ The Most Beautiful In The World & Instagram Star.


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Jaqi Clement Twins’ The Most Beautiful In The World & Instagram

When Jaqi Clements gave birth to identical twins in 2010, she couldn’t have imagined the journey that was in store for them. Most mothers look into their newborn babies’ eyes and see perfection, but there was something very different about the Clements twins that Jaqi couldn’t quite put her finger on. It’s no secret that parents hope and pray for their kids to have successful lives when they grow up and for these twins, nobody could have anticipated how quickly that success would come. Read here to find out how these identical twins became mega popular Instagram models at just seven years old.


Jaqi is a firm believer in luck and signs, so when the girls turned seven on July 7, 2017, she knew it was the year to bring up the topic of modeling with her girls, seeing that seven is a lucky number. She had a feeling it would be a year filled with exciting blessings for the girls.


To kill some time while waiting to hear back from the modeling agencies, Jaqi created an Instagram account for Leah and Ava called “clementstwins” in July 2017 with the picture below as the first post. She thought it was a great platform to create an online portfolio for agencies to look at, as well as to kickstart a fan base for the twins.

In just over two months, the Clements twins gained a steady following of 1,000 followers, which quickly jumped to 3,000. When the girls hit 3,000, LillyKPhotography, run by the renowned international headshot and fashion photographer Isa Battaglin, took headshots of the girls, so that Jaqi could put up more photographs of these up-and-coming Instagram models.


Apart from the clementstwins Instagram profile, which had more than 1.4 million followers as of September 2019, Jaqi also started a website and blog for the girls where she shares the journey of Leah and Ava, as well as her own personal journey during this life-changing experience.

When the girls aren’t posing as Instagram models, the Clements snap family portraits to capture special moments while they explore new places on vacation. Jaqi understands that she constantly has to update the world on her girls’ success, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t prioritize family time first.