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Who is Jade Rayner ( Worker 28, took fatal overdose ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Death, Incident details, Investigation, Family and More Facts

Jade Rayner Bio- Jade Rayner Wiki

Jade Rayner, developed a severe alcohol problem after being repeatedly humiliated by the unnamed man who subjected her to so much ”mental torture”

In March last year Miss Rayner was found dead at her flat in Hazel Grove, Stockport, Greater Manchester, after taking a cocktail of drink and drugs.

She had been getting help for her drinking, was dating a loving and supportive new boyfriend and kept a diary talking of her recovery.

Jade Rayner Age

Jade Rayner is 28-years-old.

The hearing was told Miss Rayner had started working for the Kooples boutique at the Manchester department store, and enrolled on a degree course at university.

But her problems started when she began dating the man in 2011. Her mum Gaynor said her boyfriend convinced her not to go to university and said she wouldn’t be very good.

Gaynor, who works at the North West Ambulance Service, told the Stockport inquest: ”When Jade started her job it brought her confidence out and she was liked by the girls who worked there.

“Then Jade got into a relationship. We didn’t realise it at the time, but that changed Jade over the four years she was with this individual.


“It was the little things that we picked up on. She started university in Manchester, but within months, she had left the course.

“But she had worked hard to get onto it. Me and her dad thought the boyfriend had something to do with it. But she denied it.

“One night at 3 am, I had a call from Jade. She was very distressed. He had left her in the middle of Manchester with nothing.

“I was working for North West Ambulance Service and the dispatch allowed me to take the ambulance off the route and have her brought home.

“Jade ended that relationship. He tried a couple of times to restart it. She said no.

Mental torture

“She was working for The Kooples and in her breaks, would go out and have a couple of drinks and that is how she got through the day.

In 2015 Miss Rayner was given a suspended jail term for drink driving after crashing her Ford Ka whilst five times the alcohol limit as she tried to drive home during the Manchester rush hour.

At the time she confirmed to the court her ex-boyfriend had isolated her from her friends and stopped her going to college and told how he ”destroyed her confidence.”

She was taking anti-depressants for anxiety and depression and said she had since started a graphic design degree at Manchester Metropolitan University and claimed she had given up drinking.

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