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Girl, 21, killed Herself After Finding child abuse : Lydia Roberts Wiki, Age, Bio, Family, Cause Of Death, Net Worth, Many More Facts ….

Lydia Roberts Wiki

Lydia Roberts, 21, felt ‘violated and hurt’ after she discovered illicit content from a Russian website on a spare phone businessman Adam Wells, 27, had left at home on June 9, 2017.

Lydia Roberts Age

She was 21 years old.

Lydia Roberts Work

An inquest heard Miss Roberts who worked for the retail chain H&M had a previous history of suicide attempts and had been prescribed medication for depression.

Lydia Roberts Relationship

She and Wells had been in a relationship for two years but the tragedy occurred on June 10, 2017, after she made the discovery after he went to work.

Lydia Roberts Death ( Suicide)

Upon recording a suicide conclusion, the coroner Zak Golombeck said at the Manchester hearing: “ Adam and Lydia had been texting during the course of June 9 when Lydia was at home and Adam was working for a longer period. of the day and later with friends and colleagues

‘The nature of the messages had been that Lydia and Adam had argued about content found on one of Adam Wells’ mobile phones.

Adam Wells had returned home at around lunchtime and shortly after him departing, Lydia had continued to message Adam Wells.

‘It continued up until 7 pm or shortly thereafter, whereupon no further text messaging or contact was made between Adam and Lydia.’

Lydia Roberts Missing

Wells then dated friends and colleagues, according to the research. He returned home at 3.30 in the morning and found Miss Roberts hanged.

‘He telephone the emergency services and an ambulance attended, but Lydia was pronounced dead,’ the coroner said.

‘I have considered the totality of the evidence and I am able to conclude that Lydia Roberts took her own life and intended to do so.

‘There is evidence relating to her mental health and the nature of the correspondence taking place on that day between herself and Adam Wells.

Lydia Roberts history of suicide attempt.

‘She had a history of attempting to take her own life, and also had depression and had been prescribed antidepressants.

Lydia Roberts Died

‘She sadly died on June 10, 2017, when she was found hanging at home by Adam Wells. To the family, I offer my condolences.’
Wells appeared at Manchester magistrates court on July 2018 charged with possessing 31 indecent photographs of children.

Miss Robert’s mother Michelle Statement

In a statement, Miss Robert’s mother, Michelle, said: ‘Lydia lived with Adam Wells and had been in a relationship for two years between 2015 and 2017.

‘On June 9, Lydia found a second Adams phone and discovered that it contained inappropriate images of girls from a website based in Russia.

‘Lydia felt violated, hurt and disgusted at what she found – even more so at the thought of Adam being with her young niece and nephew.

‘I feel that he made her make the decision to do what she did.

‘Adam Wells was at court July 2018 and has been charged with possessing indecent images of children and has been put on the sex offenders register.

‘As a family, we are devastated at the loss of our beautiful daughter and for this, we will never forgive him.

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