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Who is Gabriel Fernando Almeida (Manchester City accused of creating a ‘fake scouting role’ for ex-academy star’s father)Wiki, Bio ,Age, Details, Family and More Facts

Gabriel Fernando Almeida Bio- Gabriel Fernando Almeida Wiki

Gabriel Fernando Almeida, is join the club at age 14 in 2011, it is alleged that City did everything they could to get the player to sign on the dotted line.

Manchester City have been accused of creating a bogus scouting job for the father of a former academy star in an attempt to circumvent Premier League rules and funnel the money back to the player’s family.

Gabriel Fernando Almeida Age

Gabriel Fernando Almeida, now 24-year-old.

According to The Athletic, City may have violated Premier League rules by assigning Almeida’s father a bogus role in the academy’s scouting department as a way to send thousands of pounds to the player’s family.

Almeida has been back in England in recent months, playing for non-league Stretford Paddock

It is not unusual for clubs to hire family members of young players, particularly after long-distance relocation, but in this case Almeida’s father insists that he did not work for the club.

In fact, he admits that the role was invented as a means to “increase payments to the family while the player was under 16 years old.”

Payment receipts are reported to show payments of around £ 1,000 per month between September 2011 and June 2012, with the highest payment being £ 1,313.25 received in January 2012.

While Almeida Snr admits he was sent to two internal scouting training sessions at City, both sessions were entirely in English and he did not speak the language.

Almeida’s father supposedly got paid for a fake scouting role that he didn’t have +3

Almeida’s father was allegedly paid for a fake scout role that he didn’t have

Speaking in Portuguese, he said: ‘The truth is that they paid me but I didn’t work. In truth, they tricked us because I don’t speak English. They arranged for him to take a scouting course. I went to the classroom on two occasions, to present myself there in the course. It was inside Manchester City. ‘

Athletic, in its report, reveals the rules of the Premier League manual for 2011-12, in which Rule N.90.1 establishes that no club will induce or attempt to induce a player to register as a student at that club by offering, or any person related to him, either directly or indirectly, a benefit or payment of any kind, whether in cash or in kind.

In a statement, Manchester City said the club “refutes any wrongdoing and completely rejects the claims that have been made.”