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Who is Emilio Vitolo ( Is a major lady killer ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Killer, Information and More Facts

Emilio Vitolo Biography & Emilio Vitolo Wiki

On Wednesday, the street dining scene in Emilios Ballato intensified. The local Italian club at the north end of Soho is a celebrity favorite. And all eyes were on one: Emilio Vitolo Jr., descendant of the restaurant of the same name.
In recent weeks, the cheeky, smiling 33-year-old has been targeted by paparazzi kissing around town with his new girlfriend, 41-year-old actress Katie Holmes.

At the restaurant, according to a customer, Emilio Vitolo intervened as usual and everyone liked it.
“While I was waiting for a table, he spoke to a group next to me. One girl said she was moving to San Francisco. He said, “Why would you do that?” Then he looked at me and expected a laugh, “said dinner.” It was nice. I sensed part of the conversation. He has the talent of good hosts. ”

Flirting is Vitolo job

While flirting can be part of the job, Vitolo, who is also a part-time chef and actor, only has eyes for normally reserved Holmes who doesn’t try to hide his romance.
The couple first met on September 1 at the Antique Garage restaurant in Soho. But that same day, according to a source, Vitolo sent his then-girlfriend, 24-year-old designer Rachel Emmons, a shocking text message. The two were together for almost two years and got engaged in February 2019, then flew to Italy to visit the wedding locations.
Just a week before the split, Vitolo celebrated his birthday at an Emmons party at Balzem restaurant on the Lower East Side. A photo shows him beaming with Emmons at his side, his engagement ring fully exposed.
“Rachel moved out of her apartment on September 2 with only what she could take with her,” the source said. “She left her engagement ring and all her furniture. Then he saw pictures of Emilio and Katie flying to Oklahoma. “”
It’s a real shock, the source said. “Emilio hasn’t contacted Rachel yet. Okay, keep your head up and try to handle everything gracefully. He’s working on his business and plans to go back to New York soon.” Emmons declined to comment.

Holmes reported

Holmes reportedly met Vitolo at his family’s restaurant about nine months ago. She helped him position himself in front of her in a romantic short film shot in August.

Their romance was “organic,” according to a source Holmes knew. “It wasn’t expected … Katie had nothing to do with Rachel and Emilio breaking up.”
A friend of Vitolo’s echoed the sentiment: “He didn’t break up with his girlfriend for Katie. They had big and insurmountable problems. However, he parted ways with her and her friends were shocked. “”
For Holmes, the public relationship is very different from her six-year relationship with Jamie Foxx.
Prior to their split in May 2019, the two were rarely seen together and a friend told the Post that Foxx never wanted them to fuss in public: “I don’t think it’s Katie’s decision to get it right. . what they hate to do. “At first he thought it was a good idea to be careful, but after a few years he wanted them to be more open.”

Holmes’ first real relationship

It was Holmes’ first real relationship since her divorce from Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise in 2012 after six years of marriage.
“Jamie loved him and she loved him too. He was crazy about her and always called her “my girlfriend,” the friend said. “They were very nice together. He threw a secret birthday party for her in Bilboquet for a year and she also threw a secret birthday party for him.
In August 2019, several sources reported that Foxx had moved his protégé Sela Vave to his mansion in California.
“Jamie tried to have it all,” Holmes’ source said. “Katie didn’t need him, but she wanted him in her life.”
Insiders say Vitolo’s close relationship with his family is part of Holmes’ draw, who is very close to his parents, and Suri, Cruise’s 14-year-old daughter, is a passionate mother.
“Emilio is the epitome of an Italian-American man in New York City who loves family, friends and food,” said his friend. “He’s a romantic.”
Vitolo’s father, Emilio Sr., bought his restaurant in the early 1990s. The entire clan, including mother Lourdes, chef’s son Anthony and host Mario.

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