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Who was Elizabeth Mahoney ( Woman 89, was taken to the wrong house ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Death, Incident, Covid-19, Details, Family and More Facts

Elizabeth Mahoney Bio- Elizabeth Mahoney Wiki

Elizabeth Mahoney had been battling Covid-19 at Pontypool’s County Hospital.

Her family was relieved to hear she was on the way home, but began to get concerned when she failed to show up at her home in nearby New Inn, at the scheduled time.

After a frantic few hours it transpired she’d instead been taken by ambulance to an address in Newport – more than eight miles away from where she lived – and left in the bed of a total stranger.

Elizabeth Mahoney Age

Elizabeth Mahoney was 89-years-old.

Her son, Brian Mahoney, told Wales Online the whole thing was a “catalogue of errors” from start to finish.

“We’d originally been called at about 1pm on that day and told mum was on her way home, so my wife went over there to greet her.

“About an hour later I rang to see what was happening and was told she still hadn’t turned up.” Brian then phoned the hospital, only to be informed there’d been “a bit of a problem”.

Brian blamed

“Mum had suffered a stroke not so long back, so naturally we were concerned something bad had happened to her,” he said. “At about 3.40pm I eventually got a call saying she’d been taken to a house in Newport, but that the details weren’t really clear.”

The 65-year-old warehouse manager said a subsequent conversation with someone from the ambulance service revealed that Elizabeth had been put to bed at the property.

Brian blamed his mother’s ‘frightened and confused’ state for her failure to point out the mix-up as it was happening.

“Mum’s a very quiet woman anyway and has been on her own since Dad died in 2019,” he said. “However, she did later tell us that she couldn’t work out why she was being called by a different name.

“Also, given the woman she’d been mistaken for has dementia, my guess is any attempt to point out it wasn’t her house was possibly put down to her being a bit muddled.

Who knows, she may have even looked at the unfamiliar surroundings and thought we’d decided to put her in a care home. It’s heartbreaking. “All we want is to find out how this occurred and ensure no one else ever has to go through a similar experience.”

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