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Who is Dmytro German ( Husband ‘stabbed wife to death in front of their kids ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Crime, Arrest, Investigation, Details and More Facts

Dmytro German Bio- Dmytro German Wiki

The suspect Dmytro German, is said to have attacked his wife Maryna German, 37 at their home in the city of Kamianske, central Ukraine.

Dmytro launched a knife attack after Maryna offered to pause their relationship because of his constant jealousy, according to reports.

Upon learning of her intentions, he went mad, grabbed two kitchen knives and stabbed her in the neck and upper body a dozen times, reports said.

Dmytro German Age

Dmytro German is 36-years-old.

The savage slaughter was reportedly happening in front of the couple’s three children, aged under 16.

The terrified youngsters rushed to neighbours calling for help.

A next-door man Volodymyr said to local media: “I called the police but did not interfere.

“He loved her madly and was terribly jealous. They fought a lot because of that.

“I got used to their constant quarrels and became rough.

“I regret I had not stepped in. Maybe I could have saved her if I had done it.”

Maryna died on the spot from fatal injuries to her abdomen, say local media.

When her body was being carried out of the family’s apartment, a knife was sticking out of her stomach, witnesses said.


Dmytro did not try to escape and waited for the police by his dead wife’s body, neighbours said.

As being interviewed by cops at the scene, the man reportedly confessed to killing his wife.

Police spokeswoman Hanna Starchevska confirmed: “Explaining his motives, the suspect said he attacked his wife with two knives out of jealousy during an argument.

“The husband inflicted more than 10 stab wounds to his victim, causing her death.”

Law enforcement has initiated a criminal case against Dmytro, who faces a life sentence if convicted for murder.

The couple had been living together for 20 years, raising their children.

He worked at a plant and she was a cashier at a local petrol station.

Neighbours say Maryna was tired from constant arguments with her husband based on his jealousy and planned to break up with him because of that.

The couple’s kids, a son and two younger daughters were placed into an orphanage.

None of their relatives have applied for taking custody of them so far, say Ukrainian media.

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