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Who is Desiree Castañeda ( Mom was indicted after giving birth to her 12 year old daughter ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Crime, Court, Incident Details, Investigations and more facts

Desiree Castañeda Bio – Desiree Castañeda Wiki

Oklahoma police have in remission a girl once the birth of their 12-year-old girl.

Desiree Castañeda and different members of the family were attentive to the victim’s relationship with Juan Miranda-Jara, 24, World Health Organization was allegedly stunned once he was in remission on Gregorian calendar month fourteen as a boy of twelve. years reception. Hospital wherever she was born.

“Back then, we tend to had a great deal of queries like ‘Where were the parents?’, The city department of local government aforementioned during a statement denote on Facebook.

Age of Juan Miranda-Jara

Juan Miranda-Jara is twenty four years.

Relationship and also there square measure photos of the family hosting a baby shower for the victim and the suspect.

Castaneda has been charged with authorizing kid statutory offence and neglect. The victim’s father is behind bars and sentenced to twelve years in jail for unrelated degree rape, police aforementioned.

Miranda-Jara was charged with degree rape of a minor once she given with the victim aborning at Midtown Hillcrest Hospital. once questioned, he allegedly admitted to being the daddy of the unhatched kid and “did not understand why the police were concerned.

Miranda-Jara additionally reportedly denote on her Facebook profile that she was having associate affair with the lady, the broadcaster aforementioned. Photos of Miranda-Jara and also the baby shower victim.

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