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Who was Cristina Ortiz-Lozan (Chilling CCTV shows ‘jealous killer stalking ex-girlfriend) Wiki, Bio, Age, Death, Crime, Incident Details, Investigation and More Facts

Cristina Ortiz-Lozan Bio-Cristina Ortiz-Lozan Wiki

Cristina Ortiz-Lozano was allegedly killed in a “frenzied” attack by spurned lover Abdelaziz El Yechioui Ourzat the night she went on a Tinder date with another man.

Images shown to the jury during the murder trial show Ourzat, still wearing his work uniform of black trousers and tie with a blue shirt and carrying a dark rucksack, following Miss Ortiz-Lozano and her date from the opposite side of the road.

The court heard “beautiful” Spaniard Miss Ortiz-Lozano, went to Sprinkles ice cream parlour and the Giddy Bridge pub in Southampton, Hants, with Vincente Breso-Biosca in September 2019.

Cristina Ortiz-Lozan Age

Cristina Ortiz-Lozan was 28-years-old.

The Norwegian Cruise Line worker had dumped Ourzat, a baggage handler at the city’s docks, about a month earlier.

Describing the footage at Winchester Crown Court, prosecutor Kerry Maylin said Ourzat was “hiding in the shadows” outside the pub so he could watch the pair on their date.

The jury was shown footage of Ourzat going into the pub.

When Miss Ortiz-Lozano spotted him, she and Mr Breso-Biosca left suddenly.

Mr Breso-Biosca told the court her face changed “drastically” and she seemed scared like “somebody terrified of an animal”.

“She said she had seen her ex-boyfriend and wanted to leave immediately,” he said.

As they walked back towards her house, Ourzat could be seen on CCTV following them on the opposite side of the road, hanging back at crossings so he didn’t get too close.

He also ducked behind street corners so they couldn’t see him

Ourzat stalked his victim all the way to her home in Southampton before stabbing her 23 times in her kitchen with a knife, the court heard.

Mr Breso-Biosca, who was waiting outside, told the court he “kicked the door down” after hearing his date scream.

He said: “My whole body knew she was terrified.”

When he reached the kitchen, he said he found Ourzat kneeling on top of her.

“She was laying on the floor on her back,” he said. “He was on top of her with one hand on her throat.

“As soon as I got to the door of the kitchen he grabbed the knife with his other hand.

“He was kneeling on top of her. He had her under full submission.

“He was trying to choke her or hold her down. She was already gone.”

Neighbour Alan Mach heard the commotion and went inside the house to see what was going on.

He said: “He [Ourzat] was just crouching down beside her. There was blood around the woman who was lying on the floor.

“He had a knife. He reacted [to seeing me] by a look. It wasn’t a normal look. There was madness in his eyes.”

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