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Coral Edgar Bio – Coral Edgar Wiki

Coral Edgar, sent “booty messages” from Snapchat to Lee McKnight to encourage him.

Jamie Davison, 26, and two other men. They tied him to a chair and punched and kicked him before repeatedly whipping him with a rhinestone-handled riding crop that Edgar’s mother bought from a sex store.

The men then wrapped the nearly lifeless body of Premier Inn employee Lee in a carpet and drove him down a river in Edgar’s mother’s Nissan Navarra, while former teenage model Edgar was cleaning up the mess at home.

Coral Edgar Age

Coral Edgar is 26 years old.

They threw him into the river where a farmer found Lee’s body a few hours later. Four men and two women – Edgar and his mother – were convicted of murder and all were jailed for life in Carlisle Crown Court.

Lee, 26, had had a brief relationship with Edgar and she used that background to lure him home “on a promise of s*x,” the court said.

Edgar claimed she had no part in the plan or in the savage beating and insisted, “I just stayed in the living room, covering my ears and closing my eyes.”

Victim impact

But she admitted that as a result of the assault – in which Lee suffered 36 blunt head injuries, a broken skull, a brain hemorrhage and a broken neck – she cleaned up the blood in the kitchen. .

Lee’s mother, Wendy, said in a victim impact statement: “Whatever Lee may have done, no one deserves to go in such a vile, violent and tragic way.

Davison, 26, Arron Graham, 26, and Jamie Roberts, 18 – Edgar and his 47-year-old mother Carol, Roberts’ father, Paul, 51, who threw a phone and burned clothes, all of Carlisle , Cumbria – denied the murder but were all convicted earlier this month.

Judge Hilliard told Edgar: “Lee McKnight had done nothing to deserve the deception you inflicted on him, bringing him into your home when you knew what awaited him.”

All defendants received life sentences with minimum sentences – Davison for 30 years; Graham, 26; Jamie Lee Roberts, 16 and a half years in prison; Coral Edgar, 13 and a half; Carol Edgar, 13, and Paul Roberts, 20 and a half.

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