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Who is Celeste Burgos ( Girlfriend of Lawmaker Juan Emilio Ameri ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Incident details, Family, Twitter and More Facts

Celeste Burgos Biography – Celeste Burgos Wiki

Juan Emilio Ameri, a Celeste Burgos married Argentine MP has resigned after hanging out with his girlfriend Celeste Burgos during a virtual session of Congress. He pulled down her top to kiss her newly improved breast.

 Juan Emilio Ameri Age

Juan Emilio Ameri, 47, shocked other lawmakers after attending parts of the sitting on camera, performing with a woman on his lap on a giant screen in parliament and cuddling her as he brought her closer.

In mundane scenes that quickly went viral, he then stared at her breasts – and pulled the right side of his vest down to expose and kiss one.

House Speaker Sergio Massa suspended the session to report “a serious crime” and the shameful legislature of the northeastern province of Salta was immediately suspended for 180 days.

Ameri later told Todo Noticias (TN) in a tearful interview that he had quit.

“It was really serious. I take responsibility. I am very ashamed, ”he told TN.

The politician claimed he thought he wasn’t in the camera because his internet was down – and admitted he couldn’t keep his hands off his girlfriend because she had recently had a breast work.

“I saw my partner come out of the bathroom and asked her how she was with the operation,” he told TN. “At that point, she was sitting with me and I kissed her chest without realizing the connection had returned.

“It was a moment of intimacy with my partner who fled. It was really serious, I take control and I am very ashamed. I’m very concerned about what’s going on, ”he told TN, and burst into tears.

Identified the girlfriend in the video as Celeste Burgos

Local reports said he was estranged from his wife and other people identified the girlfriend in the video as Celeste Burgos, one of his advisers.

“I apologize to the citizens, to my family, to my partner for this whole situation,” the embarrassed politician told TN.

“I want to apologize to my mother, my sisters, my daughters who I haven’t spoken to,” he said.