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Who was Beranard Tapie ( French tycoon and former politician Beranard Tapie dies at age 78 ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Death cause, Career, Family, Twitter and more facts

Beranard Tapie Bio – Beranard Tapie Wiki

The flamboyant tycoon who helped transform Olympic Marseille into European champions has died of stomach cancer.

His death also came just six months after a burglary at his mansion in Combes-la-Ville, near Paris.

Mr. Tapie was severely beaten and then used electrical cords to restrain him and his wife, 70-year-old Dominique Tapie.

Beranard Tapie Age

Beranard Tapie was 78-years-old.

Death Cause

Tapie’s grandson Randolph said his grandfather was hit in the head with a truncheon while tied to a chair. In the end, Dominique Tapie was able to free herself and run to a neighbor’s house to call the police.

A statement was released today that said, “Dominique Tapie and her children are in immense grief when they announced the death of her husband and their father, Bernard Tapie, this Sunday, October 3 at 8:40 am, as a result of Stomach cancer.

It says: “He left peacefully, surrounded by his wife and children. The family said that Mr. Tapie “expressed a desire to be buried in Marseilles, the city of his heart.”


Born in Paris, Mr. Tapie has served as a socialist minister in France and has also built a sports and media empire.

He was especially famous for taking on bankrupt companies in corporate raids, stripping them of assets, and selling them for huge profits.

Among the status symbols he spent millions on was Olympic Marseille, and he was once involved in a match-fixing scandal.

Tapie was also convicted of tax fraud and misuse of corporate assets and went to jail for five months. After his release in 1997, he embarked on a career in show business that made him a household name in France.

Tapi’s most recent fraud trial was postponed last year due to his cancer and was due to resume next May. This was due to a marathon of litigation between Tapie and the state-owned bank Crédit Lyonnais.

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