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Who was Ava-Grace Stevens ( Schoolgirl 9, tragically died after eating a hot dog bun ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Incident details, Investigation, Family and More Facts

Ava-Grace Stevens Bio- Ava-Grace Stevens Wiki

Ava-Grace Stevens, had spent the day with her family at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, when tragedy struck.

An inquest heard the family returned to their villa for dinner that evening when Ava had an allergic reaction to cows milk in a hot dog bun bought from a shop.

Despite the efforts of her family and paramedics who performed CPR, she was pronounced dead at hospital on October 28, 2019.

Ava-Grace Stevens Age

Ava-Grace Stevens was 9-years-old.

Ava’s dad Geoffrey Stevens said they had taken care to meet their daughter’s milk-free dietary needs but US food labels were not as clear to read as those in the UK.

In a statement read out to an inquest in Northampton today, Mr Stevens’ revealed how the harrowing events unfolded that night.

After a day at the theme park, the family had enjoyed a dinner of hot dogs before Ava went to watch a film in the villa’s cinema room.

But Ava’s younger brother Harrison, who also has allergies, soon began to “breathe funny” and his face started to “swell”. Mr Harrison said: “They [Harrison and Ava] both ate dinner fine and went to play.

Breathing difficulties

“I was then made aware Harrison was breathing funny and his face was swelling. I went downstairs to check the food labels, as I read the labels I saw it said ‘non-fat milk’.

Ava’s allergies included exacerbation of asthma, cat and dog hair allergies, severe cow’s milk allergy which caused anaphylactic reactions, and she was also seen regularly by a doctor for breathing difficulties.

The inquest heard how before the holiday, the girl’s parents took steps to make sure everything was safe for their children and had bought extra prescription medication for the holiday.

Mr Stevens said: “Everyone [the wider family] had been briefed about Harrison and Ava’s allergies and they knew not to share food.”

The dad said he and his wife also went grocery shopping the day before, where they checked all of the food items were suitable for the children. All of the food in the house was also placed “up high” so they could not get it.

However, when shopping in America, Mr Stevens said the food labels in the UK are “clearer to read” than in the US, with many details “tucked behind labels”.

Mum statement

In a heartbreaking blog post, Ava’s mum paid tribute to her daughter and spoke of her guilt at not being able to protect her.

She said: “The loss of my beautiful daughter Ava-Grace at age 9 completely destroyed me. She was full of life, excited about our holiday, kind, generous and loud.

“She loved to sing, dance and practise her gymnastics, wherever we were. Her passing was sudden and unexpected; even knowing she had a severe allergy we had always kept her safe.”

She added: “My tremendous guilt lies in the last words she heard me say. I’d given her the first EpiPen; it didn’t work! I went into complete panic mode and screamed that she was going to die.

“The fear in her eyes as she asked: “Am I going to die?” will haunt me for the rest of my life.”A JustGiving page was set up at the time of her death and has since raised over £10,200 for the family.

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