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Who was Ane Gabriele ( Girl 9, sacrificed her life in an attempt ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Death, Crime details, Court, Investigations and More Facts

Ane Gabriele Bio- Ane Gabriele Wiki

Little Ane Gabriele Lima da Silva reportedly ran to wrap her arms around her father.

After making herself into a human shield to protect him, the men opened fire and she was shot in the chest. The little girl was fatally injured.

Ane Gabriele Age

Ane Gabriele was 9-years-old.

Local media report that four men arrived at house on motorbikes, broke in and after Ane was shot, dad Marcos Marinho Brito, 41.

But he was chased down and shot dead in the horrific attack on June 6. Paramedics found the girl alive, but she succumbed to her injuries shortly afterwards.

No arrests have currently been made and officers are searching for the suspects.

According to the police, Mr Marinho Brito had already been arrested for murder in early 2020, he was released just three months ago.

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