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Who is Alexandra Polynova ( Evil husband kidnapped and battered ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Crime, Court, Arrest, Investigations and More Facts

Alexandra Polynova Bio- Alexandra Polynova Wiki

Alexandra Polynova, spoke about the horrific attack after it was shared by a social media influencer.

Dmitry Trapeznikov, 39, was detained by police in Ekaterinburg over the abduction and brutal bashing.

Law enforcement sources said that the scrap metal dealer had allegedly waited for her to leave work and forced her into his car.

Alexandra Polynova Age

Alexandra Polynova is 39-years-old.

Trapeznikov then took her to a remote house, where he held the pregnant woman against her will, beating and torturing her with an iron, it is alleged.

Alexandra Polynova was rescued by police after her worried mum reported her missing.

Polynova said that after she had filed for divorce to escape the domestic abuse, Trapeznikov “wanted to force me to return to him. “This is why he abducted me. “He beat me with his fists, kicked me, and tortured me with an iron.

“He had a gun and threatened to kill me if I fled.” She added: “I was eight weeks’ pregnant. I had a miscarriage – he killed his own child.”

Polynova said that when police arrived, “he told me ‘go to the window, put on your glasses to cover your eyes, and say everything is fine’.

Cops arrested

Cops arrested Trapeznikov, and Polynova was rushed to hospital after suffering a massive blood loss from the attack.

The shocking assault was made public because it was highlighted by social media influencer Olga Chocolate.               She has more than one million followers, and is a friend and client of the seriously wounded beautician.

The influencer has echoed calls for a change in Russia’s weak domestic abuse laws after a succession of similar appalling attacks. domestic violence, resulting in 22 women being killed every day.

Sky News reported that in 2018, the government statistics agency recorded a total of 8,300 women killed in Russia.

HRW said: “Russian media often report on deaths from domestic violence that could have been prevented.          “The weak police response is part of Russian authorities’ systemic failure to properly address domestic violence.

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