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Who was Aimee Purdey ( Female bouncer 21, who found dead in hotel room ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Court, Incident details, Investigations and More Facts

Aimee Purdey Bio- Aimee Purdey Wiki

Aimee Purdey, had been suffering from depression and anxiety when she text her partner saying: “I’m sorry”.

She was later found dead in the hotel in Manchester in March last year, an inquest was told.

Her death came two years after she suffered severe bruising in a savage “happy slap” attack by an all-girl gang, which was not mentioned as a factor in her death at the hearing.

Aimee Purdey Age

Aimee Purdey was 21-years-old.

Aimee, then 18, was lured by ex Simone McDermott into meeting her at her home but was ambushed by the thug and her three pals.

The teen begged “let me go, please let me go” as she was kicked and punched repeatedly while the animals threatened to “break” her face.

McDermott and her friends Melissa Marriott, Siobhan Wait and Victoria Houghton escaped jail after admitting assault with intent to rob.

The inquest made no mention of the attack but was told Aimee had been suffering from severe mental difficulties and had attempted to take her own life. She previously spoke of the effect the assault had on her – including how she believed the girls would kill her.

Aimee said at the time: ”I’ve started getting shopping delivered to my house and I feel unsure going to the shops as I might bump into Simone McDermott and her friends. I didn’t think they were sorry for what they did.

“I’m sorry”

”I couldn’t work or do anything and I didn’t feel safe or have the confidence to. The assault made me feel paranoid in relationships. When friends arrange to meet me I think I’m going to get hurt and ‘I am on medication in relation to my anxiety.

”The feeling of being attacked by someone I cared about and who I thought cared about me had left me feeling really betrayed. I was so distressed I couldn’t sleep. I am frustrated to be made to feel a victim by this girl. I don’t want to feel weak and have these feeling hanging over me

The hearing was told Aimee had been on a night out in Manchester with pals when she returned to her hotel room alone at around 5.15am.

Her girlfriend called police after receiving the “I’m sorry” text but by the time cops arrived, Aimee was tragically already dead.

The inquest was told she had made threats over taking her own life and there had been “issues” over suicidal thoughts and self-harm.

She had also been receiving medication through Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust and was due to see a psychiatrist in June last year

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