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Who is Adrian-Nicu Cozac ( Male, 33, who raped a woman ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Arrest, Court, Crime, Details of the incident, Investigations and more facts

Adrian-Nicu Cozac Bio – Adrian-Nicu Cozac Wiki

Adrian-Nicu Cozac stalked a vulnerable woman walking alone late at night.

Cozac ran after the terrified woman, put his arms around her, and led her to the playground.

The woman tried to protest, but Cozac raped her before returning to the bar to continue his night.

Adrian-Nicu Cozac Age

Adrian-Nicu Cozac is 33 years old.

Police were called after the assault and arrested Cozac outside the pub where he had returned. Asked during his interview, he said he could not have raped her because “she said nothing”.

Cambridge Police Detective Con Amie Meston said: “Cozac was a predator who saw an opportunity in a vulnerable woman walking alone.


“He walked with her despite being told to go and asked about her age, clearly knowing what he was about to do.

“Throughout the investigation or trial, he showed no remorse for his actions or the disgusting crime he had committed.

“The case shows that the police and the justice system take sexual offenses very seriously. ” who provide practical and emotional support to victims of sexual assault throughout the investigation and legal process.

STO PC Chris Enright added: “Survivors of sexual violence can be confident that Cambridgeshire Constabulary and other partner agencies will support them throughout. Investigation and for having the strength and courage to testify in Crown court.

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