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Who is Adam Edwards ( Woman 45, whose body has never been found ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Crime, Court, Arrest, Investigation, Details and More Facts

Adam Edwards Bio- Adam Edwards Wiki

Adam Edwards, claimed Susan Waring, had kissed him goodbye before leaving his home in Darwen, Lancashire and disappeared in 2019.

But now he has been found guilty of murder after jurors were told he struck Ms Waring while wearing a skull mask, The Mirror reports.

Edwards will serve 27 years at Preston Crown Court – but has not told Ms Waring’s family where to find her remains.

Adam Edwards and Susan Waring Ages

Adam Edwards is 48-years-old and Susan Waring was 45-years-old.

The victim’s brother, Peter Waring, read out in court a victim personal statement on behalf of the family.

As Edwards looked on emotionless from the dock, Mr Waring said: “One final request and that is for Alan Edwards to tell us where our beloved Susan is so we can lay her to rest and finally have some closure.”

Mr Justice Goss said: “A mother has lost her daughter, siblings have lost their sister and her five children have lost their mother. “To achieve closure they want to know where her body is. You made her life a misery.

“You are paranoid and possessive. You have no remorse.” Prosecutors labeled Edwards as a “violent bully” in the trial which heard he murdered Ms Waring before disposing of her body.

Court heard

Edwards preyed on Miss Waring, who was blind in one eye, suffered poor health and had learning difficulties, during their brief two-month relationship.

Edwards claimed he last saw the victim on January 30 – and her mother reported her missing several days later.

The court heard that there is no evidence to say she is alive and that Edwards was arrested in March 2019.

Forensic examinations of his home found blood on the walls and Ms Waring’s DNA was also found on a skull mask which was worn by Edwards as he killed her.

Describing his sister as “gentle” and a person “who would never hurt a fly”, Mr Waring told the court: “The last two years have simply been hell for us. A nightmare that has continued to cause us turmoil every day.

“Alan Edwards clearly manipulated Susan, preyed on her vulnerability and used her as a punchbag. This evil man has denied any wrongdoing and has told constant lies about his offending.”

Ms Warring, who had some learning difficulties, began a “turbulent and violent” relationship with Edwards in 2018.

One neighbour told the court she moved out of their adjoining flat in fear of her own safety.

She says she heard constant arguing between the couple, with Edwards repeatedly calling Ms Warring “a dumb baby” when she lived there in 2018.

Neighbour statements

She added: “I heard her once say ‘Let me out, I want to get out’. He said ‘You can’t leave, what are you going to do about it?”‘

Another neighbour said he was Edwards punch Ms Waring in the face just two weeks before the murder.

He said: “I said to to her ‘How come you are mixed up with such a f ** idiot?’ Her last words to me was ‘He always hits me’.”

Ms Warring was last publicly seen shopping with Edwards on January 29.

Just days after her disappearance examinations of Edwards’ phone showed he was visiting the hook-up website with “increasing regularity”.

Edwards told the court he was “just browsing” and it was “something to pass the time, waiting for Susan” The defendant was also convicted of offences against four other women.

Charges include causing grievous bodily harm, assault occasioning actual bodily harm and making threats to kill.

Speaking after the sentencing, DCI Pauline Stables, of Lancashire Police, said: “Edwards is an extremely violent man who is clearly a danger to the women in his life.

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